Chatham Hills



Our team here at Sareh Nouri is so excited to share that our evening collection was chosen to be featured on the cover of Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle Magazine for their style issue! To celebrate, we’re giving you an inside look at Sareh Nouri’s feature in the magazine and an exclusive interview with our incredible designer below:


The Article



In this article, Sareh Nouri details her approach when it came to designing the latest bridal and evening collections. Innovative, unique, and crafted with the natural beauty of the feminine figure in mind, Sareh Nouri’s latest collection pushes the limits of creativity while remaining true to the timeless romance that first captured the hearts and imaginations of brides and women everywhere. Given that our evening collections originally debuted at the Sareh Nouri Flagship in Short Hills, it is a true honor to be featured in a magazine that highlights the amazing culture and community of Chatham & Short Hills.



The Collection


Our new Spring 2023 Evening Collection was at centerstage on the cover and in our spread in Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle Magazine’s style issue. Dazzling the cover with a sense of editorial drama was the Marilyn gown with its signature bow detail and lustrous Mikado fabric.



The Judy and Lauren gowns also got their moment in the spotlight. With dreamy silk and mikado fabrics, intriguing a-symmetrical necklines, and expert draping, this pair of gowns is simply a feast for the eyes.



Last but certainly not least was this feature of the stunning Natalie gown. The soft and figure-flattering crepe fabric and unique oversized bow sleeve detail make the Natalie perfect to show off your editorial side at your next evening or formal event. 

A huge thank you to the team at Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle for all their amazing work. If you’d like to check out the rest of their Style feature, you can browse the rest of the magazine online here.