Chatham Hills Cover -



Our team at Sareh Nouri is thrilled to announce that we've been featured on the cover of Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle Magazine once again! This issue showcases our new Fall 2023 Bridal Collection “La Dolce Vita.” 


 Check out Sareh Nouri's feature in the magazine and an exclusive interview with our incredible designer below:


The Article


In this article, Sareh Nouri shares her experience visiting Italy this past summer and how it inspired her latest evening and bridal collections. This vacation motivated Sareh to change up her 2023 Bridal Collection by adding elaborate beading and laces that she typically doesn’t do for her structured gowns with clean lines. She noted that it really “elevated the brand,” and we couldn’t agree more. Sareh was also compelled to add shorter bridal gowns to the collection after visiting Rome, and one of the gowns was actually the featured dress on the magazine cover.


The Collection



The cover and spread of Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle Magazine's style and beauty issue featured our new Fall 2023 Bridal Collection. Roma's short hemline and voluminous overskirt created an editorial drama that captivated the cover.



Several other impressive gowns got their moment in the spotlight, too, from Sicily to Noto and Milano. These gowns are all unique in their own right and boast some of the most gorgeous work Sareh has done to date.



Thank you so much to the team at Chatham & Short Hills City Lifestyle for all the amazing work they do. Check out the rest of this issue online here if you'd like to read more!