Love, Sareh:

Fall 2024 Bridal Collection

Love, Sareh:

Dear brides-to-be,


From the enchanting dreams of childhood to the anticipation of a lifetime commitment, every bride embarks on a magical journey towards her wedding day. For Fall 2024, Sareh Nouri presents "Love, Sareh," a bridal collection that celebrates the timeless beauty of these dreams and infuses them with a touch of grown-up whimsy. With delicate French lace, meticulous embroidery, luxurious silk mikado, hand-painted veils, and regal ball gown silhouettes, "Love, Sareh" offers a captivating blend of elegance and modern charm.


Style: Take My Hand


The "Love, Sareh" collection weaves dreams and romance into every gown, with delicate French lace gracing the designs. The intricate lacework adds an ethereal touch, creating gowns that are both timeless and exquisite. Every step down the aisle becomes a masterpiece, and brides are sure to feel like a fairytale princess.


Meticulously crafted embroideries bring depth and texture to the designs, elevating the gowns to a level of artistry. Each stitch represents a labor of love, ensuring that every bride radiates elegance on her special day.


Style: Truly Madly Deeply


The "Love, Sareh" collection features ball gown silhouettes that exude grace and grandeur, perfect for brides who want to make a majestic entrance on their special day. These gowns are fit for a queen and are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Our new campaign is a love letter from the designer herself to every beautiful bride. It tells a romantic narrative through dreamy locations and classic studio settings, representing the extraordinary journey every woman takes from childhood to womanhood and ultimately to that perfect wedding day.


Style: I Do


The campaign pays homage to the details that capture a bride's heart—from the costumes and jewels of dress-up days to the allure of delectable cakes, from cherished childhood pets to the final touch of that ultimate wedding cake, and an ode to the enduring beauty of flowers. It encapsulates the classic beauty held dear at Sareh Nouri, infusing it with a playful sophistication that will bring a smile to your face as you journey toward your wedding day.


Style: Best Of Me


With the "Love, Sareh" collection, Sareh Nouri has poured her heart into creating a line of bridal gowns that reflect the dreams and desires of every bride. It's a testament to your dreams, the passion of the Sareh Nouri team, and the enchantment that awaits you on your wedding day.


Style: Crazy In Love


Get ready to be captivated, as "Love, Sareh" is a whimsical journey through the magic of bridal fashion! 


With love,

Sareh Nouri