Luxury Robes

Sareh Nouri continually expands the gorgeous designs available to choose from, and in the latest addition, Sareh Nouri has crafted gorgeous, luxury robes to make every woman feel incredible, even before she’s gotten ready for the day. With Valentine’s Day coming up, a Sareh Nouri luxury robe may be the perfect gift for the women in your life who values high quality, flawlessly crafted beauty:



Nour Robe



For the woman who loves more modern styles, the Nour robe is perfect: sheer tulle detailed with floating lace gives the robe an ethereal air, with the leaf-inspired lace motifs giving the robe added elegance. The sheer tulle makes the robe elegant and sultry, perfect for Valentine’s Day.



Sarabeth Robe



Made entirely of delicate, Alencon lace, this robe has a unique scallop-edged neckline that makes the lace stand out that much more. A mikado sash complements the robe, giving it a simple touch that elevates the robe to the next level.



Robin Robe



Covered in vine-like leaves, the lace of this stunning sheer robe is perfect for women who love nature-inspired motifs. The perfect balance of sheer, sultry lace with classic inspiration, this whimsical robe is sure to be the perfect gift.



Florentine Robe



Made of intricate lace, the Florentine robe is perfect for any woman. The classic style is detailed along the edges with satin, and a matching satin sash allows you to fasten the robe. The simple, classic style of this robe gives it a timeless look that women will love for years to come.



Shopping for the perfect gift? Find a gorgeous robe from Sareh Nouri, and make the woman in your life feel cherished.