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Veil Guide

You’ve said yes to the love of your life, and have found the perfect wedding gown to marry them in. Ask anyone, when it comes to building the bridal look of your dreams, accessories are everything, and the most important one? The veil.


Dating back to ancient matrimonies, veils traditionally served as the last layer of separation between a bride and her spouse-to-be, symbolizing her purity as a maiden before becoming a wife. Today, we’re much more progressive in our ideas about marriage, and veils are less a nod to innocence, and more a lovely headpiece to tie a bride’s look together. At Sareh Nouri, our gorgeous line of bridal veils are hand-crafted in-house at our design studio in the United States, using only the finest materials and most careful aesthetic eye. Brides of any style are sure to find themselves swooning over our breathtakingly varied collection of veils, with designs that range from anywhere from traditional laces and elaborate embroidery, to fluttering three-dimensional appliqués and hand-painted textures.


The best part about Sareh Nouri wedding veils is that they are each designed to match perfectly with all Sareh Nouri bridal gowns. Here’s a sneak peek of the stunning designer veils available at our boutique:






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