The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

One of the most important components of your wedding dress, the silhouette creates the base of the gown, with the designer creating a dress that strikes a certain classic shape—a traditional silhouette allows for new bridal trends to remain timeless, giving them a couture elegance and elevating the style. For brides looking to get more familiar with dress silhouettes before they go shopping, we’re giving a breakdown of each silhouette and what makes it a great choice, so that you can walk confidently into your bridal appointment. 


Pride and Joy



Often, the first silhouette that comes to mind when someone pictures a wedding dress is the A-line. It’s been a mainstay in bridal fashion for decades, and it’s not hard to see why. A fitted bodice flares from the natural waist into a full skirt, creating an A-shape. The full skirt emphasizes your natural waist, slimming you, and can also make you appear taller—universally flattering and timeless, the A-line is a classic silhouette that’s hard not to love. 

Ball Gown

Royal Highness



Much like the A-line, the ball gown flares from the waist into a full skirt—the key difference is the fullness of the skirt. Voluminous and much larger, the ball gown’s skirt has a more pronounced flare, giving it more of a statement than the A-line. Perfect for brides who want the same effects of an A-line with a bit more drama, the ball gown creates a regal look. For brides who want something bold and dramatic without the figure-hugging look of other silhouettes, the ball gown is the perfect choice. 


Crazy For You



Not sure a full skirt is for you? The column dress’s skirt simply flows straight down, creating a pillar-like shape that gives the silhouette its name. Perfect for brides who want something simple yet chic, the column dress creates a slender shape that gives off a high-fashion air. While the skirt is straight, column dresses can absolutely still have a train, creating a perfect simple-yet-bold shape. 


You're The One



If you’re looking for something bold, sophisticated, and sultry, the trumpet silhouette is your winner. Fitted through the hip, the skirt begins to flare just above the knee, creating a shape similar to the mouth of a trumpet. The curves created by the skirt make an exaggerated hourglass figure, giving the silhouette a statement-making grace that flatters your figure perfectly. If you’re a bride who loves her hips, this fitted silhouette will make you look incredible. 

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