to Buy A Wedding Dress

With a breathtaking, full-service salon, Sareh Nouri is proud to be able to offer a space in which you can get expert consultations and service while shopping for your gorgeous Sareh Nouri wedding dress. One thing we always want to be sure brides are aware of is the time it will take to purchase a wedding dress from start to finish. The last thing you want is any stress about your gown in the weeks leading up to the wedding, so we’re helping you with a comprehensive timeline of what to expect. 


First, we recommend waiting until you’ve set your date and venue before you begin shopping. This helps you have a better vision of your wedding day, and gives you a starting point to work with. Are you getting married in a church, at a vineyard, at a tropical destination? Planning a fall wedding vs. a summer wedding? This question likely affects what your vision for your wedding day is, so we recommend knowing the venue and date prior to shopping.


Often, this comes as a surprise, but you should start shopping 10 months to a year out from your wedding date. Purchasing your wedding dress is not a typical retail experience: you’re buying a high-end, couture garment, and this does not come together overnight. Sareh Nouri’s designs are high quality and made with expert craftsmanship, so it takes several months for your gown to be sewn and each detail put together carefully and beautifully. 


Once your gown arrives, you’ll have a few months before the wedding, so that you have time for alterations. Typically, alterations are not major, but this allows you to be sure everything is fitting completely flawlessly. Whether this means raising your hemline to the proper length with your shoes, tightening a strap, or taking the dress in, this is an important step to ensure that your wedding day is stress free, comfortable, and exactly as you imagined. 

Realizing you need to start shopping? Book an appointment at the Sareh Nouri Flagship Salon in the Mall at Short Hills, New Jersey.