A key detail of your dress, your neckline frames your face and gives the dress’s bodice structure. Details along the bodice highlight your neckline, and it often dictates what jewelry and accessories you choose. For brides unsure of which neckline they may want, today on the blog, check out a few classic necklines Sareh Nouri uses to create her timeless, high-fashion wedding dresses. 


Royal Highness



An iconic neckline, the sweetheart creates a gentle shape that resembles the top of a heart. It adds detail to the bodice, and a feminine elegance that never goes out of style. This shape highlights your decolletage beautifully. While usually strapless, this neckline also looks good with sleeves, as seen on dress Pride and Joy


Crown Jewel



Clean, simple, and modern, the straight neckline is exactly as described: a straight line across the top, giving your dress bold simplicity. The sleek look gives your dress a statement detail without too much intricacy; the straight neckline on Crown Jewel perfectly highlights the pearl-covered collar, giving this simple gown a bold look. 


Love At First Sight



If you don’t think a strapless look is for you, the v-neck creates an equally classic look, but with the support of straps or sleeves. The directional elegance of the v-neck elongates your torso, with the pointed neckline complimenting your figure perfectly. 


You’re The One



While the off-the-shoulder neckline has varieties, able to be straight or sweetheart, the key feature of this neckline is the straps on the sides of your shoulder. This neckline creates an ethereal, romantic bridal look that’s perfect for brides who love strapless looks but want a subtle added touch. 


Your Majesty



The illusion neckline is great for brides who love delicate intricacy. Lace overlaid on the bodice extends above a neckline below (typically strapless), creating a sheer, higher neckline on top, and sometimes extending into illusion sleeves, like this dress. You get the beauty of two necklines in one with an illusion, along with the added delicate look of this gorgeous, intricate lace. 

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