For Sareh Nouri brides, we strive to bring the best possible experience. We now offer an exclusive VIP Experience, where you will have your gown altered by our expert alterations team. Seamstresses with exceptional designer experience will alter your gown to a custom fit, so that your Sareh Nouri wedding dress fits perfectly on your wedding day. 


Depending on the alterations you need, the entire process can take anywhere from 1-2 months. Throughout this process, you’ll work step by step with our sales manager and one of our lead seamstresses to fit your dress to you perfectly. Whether you need to take your dress in, let it out, hem it, add a bustle, or more, our expert alterations team will help you tailor your dress perfectly. 


You’ll come in for 2-3 fittings, each time with the seamstress making any needed adjustments to ensure a quality final product. We recommend bringing any undergarments you’ll wear on your wedding day, along with the shoes you plan to wear—this way, you’ll be able to have the most accurate fitting for your wedding day. 

Along with your fittings and custom fitted wedding dress, you’ll get a tour of the Sareh Nouri design studio and have a behind-the-scenes look at our process and production. Learn more about the VIP Experience here!